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RAA Artist Exhibition at The Confluence

Random Acts of Artists is pleased to present the works from 46 artists on display and for sale at The Confluence July 6th through August 31st. The Confluence is located at 214 E Washington St, New Castle, PA 16101.

This exhibition represents a wide range of medias and approaches to art and includes both 2D and 3D works.

Artist/Organization: Terry Polonsky, Random Acts of Artists

Address: 287 West State St. Apt.1 City: Sharon

State: PA Zip: 16146

Phone #: 330-540-8577 E-mail:

Delivery Date: By July 1st (Hoyt)

Pick-up date: September 2nd (or contact Hoyt for alternate plans)

Show Dates: July 6 – August 31, 2017

Reception: July 6 from 5P to 7P


1. Commission - Arts & Education at the Hoyt requires a 30% commission from the sale of all artwork. Although Arts & Education at the Hoyt will handle resulting exhibition sales and sales tax, we are not a commercial gallery and are not responsible for direct marketing of work. The artist will receive payment within 30 days of the closing date of the show.


2. Insurance - Coverage is provided for the duration of the exhibition. Insurance values are required even if the works listed are not for sale. Insurance value not to exceed sales price. Coverage does not include any pre-existing damage or damage incurred during shipping such as scratches, dents, or cracks in or on the artwork. Completed condition reports are required prior to shipment and will be reviewed upon receipt and before return shipping. Changes in condition will be reported when applicable. Failure to provide insurance values constitutes artist’s intent to provide own insurance during duration of the exhibition. Artwork is not insured after the pick-up date.


3. Installation - Artwork must arrive at Arts & Education at the Hoyt by the specified delivery date. (July 1) Installation is done by a Hoyt representative only.

A. The title of each work must be clearly marked on each piece.

B. A list of all artwork must accompany shipment and must include title, medium, and price of each piece.

C.. The artist is responsible for choosing the number and size of pieces to exhibit. (Because we have opened this exhibition up to about 45 artists and there is limited exhibition space available, we have chosen to limit this to one piece per artist. Both 2D & 3D works are acceptable. The size limit is 36 inches in any direction including frame.)

D. Wall mounted works must have hanging wire firmly attached to each piece.

Failure to comply with any of the above relinquishes Arts & Education at the Hoyt from any liability related to installation, presentation, and/or maintenance.


4. Publicity - Arts & Education at the Hoyt will cover the cost of . . .

A. Publicity in the artist’s local newspaper and all relevant newspapers within a fifty mile radius of the Hoyt.

B. Invitations designed by the Arts & Education at the Hoyt. Up to fifty (50) invitations for the personal use of the artist by request. The artist must supply typed, addressed, self-adhering labels for the mailing of the 50 invitations. Domestic mailing only.

RAA note: If you would like the Hoyt to mail out an invitation on your behalf, please email the complete Name and address to RAA at randomactsofartists@gmail,com

We will compile the entire list from those sent to us. THE LIST MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE HOYT BY JUNE 10th. SO I WILL NEED YOURS SENT TO ME BY JUNE 9th. We highly recommend that the person who you invite should be a patron of your artwork, potential buyer or family or friend of yours. Keep in mind that this will be an invitation to both the reception on July 6th AND to visit the show at any time during the exhibition dates.


5. Required Information - It is the artist’s responsibility to provide the Hoyt with the following information by June 10th-- email: or mail to Arts & Education at the Hoyt, 124 East Leasure Ave, New Castle, PA 16101

A. Biographical for publicity and press releases.

B. (4) Images of work in show (CD or email, jpeg format PC compatible).

C. The name and address of any newspaper or publication you wish to notify.

D. Fifty (50) typed labels for invitations (mailed to Hoyt)

E. Artist Statement about exhibition

F. Image of Artist/ Students (Working in studio or head shot: jpeg sent by email or CD).

G. Inventory List (thumbnail list of works to be included in the exhibition) Including: titles, media and sale price (not for sale work values should be included for insurance purposes)

YOU MUST SUBMIT A .jpg PHOTO of your work. This should be submitted as you would for any show you enter. WE WILL NOT EDIT, CROP OR ALTER any photo. Your photo will be printed as it is sent to us.



In summary- By June 9th you must email (to

• The title, medium, and price of your piece.

• a jpeg phto of your piece

• The name and mailing address of the one person you want to invite.


By July 1 you must deliver your piece to the Hoyt. See their website for hours and directions



You can download tags at