Who we are

Random Acts of Artists Inc. (RAA) is a non-profit organization made up of some of the most creative individuals located in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Our members represent some of the area’s finest talents in Fine Arts, Theater, Music, Dance, Design Crafts, and more! RAA was founded in the summer of 2014 as a small group of around a dozen artists. Our motivation was the belief that bringing artists together through communication and cooperation could benefit the artists as individuals, and ultimately the communities in which they live.

RAA is a grassroots movement of artists who have bonded together to share their vision: “Art can revitalize our communities and our lives”. Our purpose is to unite, inform, and encourage artists to organize and create projects that help to rejuvenate and bring more color and art into our local communities, and into our lives.

Our members are a mixture of artists and art enthusiasts of all kinds. We post information daily in our Facebook Group Page where we try to help our artists and members in the area to learn about upcoming Art shows, Festivals, & Theatrical events that are happening in the Group/area so that they may have a chance to participate, and possibly sell their wares. We also encourage an educational element that is achieved through mutual cooperation with other artists, instructional websites and videos that demonstrate various techniques and artistic concepts. Local businesses are able to reach out to artists for any opportunities that may be available, and RAA also encourages our members and any Artist that would like to, post their own creations and art-pages on our Facebook Group Page to showcase your work.


Some of our efforts so far…

-In 2015 RAA did an art installation in Sharon's Bicentennial park. RAA artists gave their time and talents to help groups such as the local Untied Way, Joshua's Haven City Mission, Greater Sharon Associate Merchants and Sharon Beautification Commission. The group also coordinated several public juried art shows and casual “Pop-up” art shows. RAA has also been honored to be a major part of the Sharon Waterfire events.

-In 2016 RAA worked with the Sharon Beautification Commission, the Sharon Gardener’s Club and a grant from The Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, RAA completed the "Literary Garden" alongside State Street at the Community Library which consists of 42 individually painted posts representing books and their authors. Another installation we did that year is called "Willow Way" which is located in the newly named River Gardens Park in downtown Sharon, Pa. This installation is a 20 foot long living arbor, live willows grace the walkway and add beauty of the park.  RAA also worked with Buhl Park to install several "Dream Pods" for kids to play in.

-In 2017 RAA created our Flower Garden Gallery along W. Connelly Blvd. in Sharon, PA. This consists of 40 paintings of local flowers. These were painted on 3 foot by 4 foot panels which were then mounted on steel poles and hinged so they can revolve with the wind. Twenty artists participated in this project which was partially funded by a Pennsylvania Partner on the Arts Stream Project Grant.


Flower Garden Gallery along Connelly Blvd. in Sharon PA

Flower Garden Gallery along Connelly Blvd. in Sharon PA

RAA helped to transform an old alleyway in downtown Sharon into a work of art we call "Random Interface" This consists of 22 portraits painted on 3 foot by 4 foot panels and then mounted on the side wall of the alley. We also painted the entire pavement with a decorative design and added overhead bistro lights to create a European style walkway.

Random Interface in the alleyway in downtown Sharon, PA

Random Interface in the alleyway in downtown Sharon, PA

In 2018 we installed a 1,700 square foot mural. It is painted on the south side of the Sharon City Shopping Centre. Around 40 Sharon school students silhouettes were painted on the mural over a brightly colored background. Ten RAA members participated and volunteered in the production of this mural. This mural was funded partially by a PPA Stream Project grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. The mural was named "Choose to Fly" as an inspiration to both students and adults to make good choices in life, and to work hard in order to reach for their dreams.


In July of 2019 RAA created a 50 foot wide labyrinth in the parking lot on the North side of the Reyer’s Shoe Store building, located at 40 S. Water Ave., Sharon PA. This was inspired by a visit to the labyrinth at Federated Family Life Center in Chagrin Falls, OH. It is based on the well known Chartres Labyrinth which is a centuries old design. It is a seven-course "Classical" design without branching or dead ends with one entrance which leads to the central circle and then back out again.It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. This labyrinth can be enjoyed by young and old alike and brings focus to the existing mural on the wall behind it.

This public art installation has been funded by Random Acts of Artists and donations from the Sharon Beautification commission and Warren Glass & Paint. The artists who volunteered their time and talent to this project were Bill & Sue Griffin, Wayne Rongaus, Gary Barnes PhD. and Terry Polonsky.

RAA is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization which has completed several other beautiful art installations in the City of Sharon over the past 4 years. These have been created to fulfill the RAA mission statement: “Dedicated to promoting the arts, nurturing the artists and serving the community.”There are many more community projects that we have completed, and have in mind. We hope to accomplish as many as possible with the help of community funding and individual and corporate tax deductible donations.

RAA LABYRINTH 8-1-2019.jpg

Going forward we hope to initiate and cooperate with businesses and organizations to bring art to the community as a foundation for the growth and revitalization of our communities. As artists we do this to benefit each other’s artistic endeavors as well as the community. Think about joining us today! Sincerely,

-Terry Polonsky- President, Random Acts of Artists Inc.

-Jessica Matusky- Vice President, Random Acts of Artists Inc.

-Dedicated to promoting the arts, nurturing the artists, and serving the community through open communication and mutual cooperation.